Zelena from Once Upon a Time


Look out for the Wicked Witch of the West this Halloween when Zelena swoops by! This costume is very appropriate for Halloween which makes it the perfect choice, it has also been perfected to look exactly like the witch including lots of very well done makeup work!

Zelena from Once Upon a Time

A message from Marissa, the submitter of the ‘Zelena from Once Upon a Time’ costume:

This costume is worn by me, and made from bits and pieces I scavenged from eBay and thrift stores. The top is a sequined halter top I found at Value Village with a sash tied around the middle, and a short black sweater with a fur shrug I hot glue gunned to the collar and down the front. The skirt was a very lucky eBay find, as was the hat, gloves, and Zelena’s signature necklace replica. I did make some mods myself on those too – I decorated the hat, and actually used a dark green permanent marker to get the stones on the necklace and earrings the correct color.

The makeup, well that’s a little intense (I went a little overboard at Sephora). 😛 the green is a blend of three green eye shadows (a light green, a heavy emerald with gold sparkles, and a dark green for shading). I also use a gold eye shadow for highlights – exactly like you’d contour regular makeup, just with green instead!

Zelena Laugh Zelena Evil Look Zelena Pose

I’m also wearing blue contacts (my brown eyes just don’t pop from the green like the blue does).
My friends and I attended a Halloween party for nerds last year, so they had a photographer set up with a backdrop and everything – that’s where the pictures are from. And in the group photo, our Once troupe has Hook, the Mad Hatter, Red, the Evil Queen, and myself (Zelena, the wicked witch). 🙂

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