Unique Dairy Queen Girls Costume


Photo of my daughter as the Dairy Queen. She came up with this idea this summer on one of our many visits to Dairy Queen. We have been saving red Dairy Queen Spoons ever since.

Dairy Queen Costume

We started with a red queen type costume. I hot glued spoons to the collar. I traced Dairy Queen logos from the internet on some white fabric with Sharpie Paint Pens. Once they dried, I sewed the logos onto the costume. Her crown was made from a old princess crown we painted gold to match.

Dairy Queen Kid

Then Dairy Queen Spoons were glued onto the crown. The large over-sized spoon was made from a milk jug I cut in half and attached to a empty wrapping paper roll. it was then duck taped together with red duck tape. At the bottom of the spoon we added the words Dairy Queen with a Red Sharpie Paint pen. She was the hit of our HOA Halloween Party and won first prize.

Dairy Queen

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