Tweedle’me’ and Tweedle’mum’


If you loved Alice in Wonderland and you’re planning on spending this Halloween with anyone special then this costume is a must have. It’s made for a mother and child duo but it can altered to fit any loving couple. You’ll also have just as much fun creating these costumes as you will actually wearing them!

Tweedle'me' and Tweedle'mum'

A message from Samantha, the creator of the ‘Tweedle’me Tweedle’mum’ costume:

My submission is a DIY cosplay of ‘genderbent’ Tweedledum and Tweedledee from the original Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, which we affectionately named ‘Tweedleme and Tweedlemum’ because my mother and I are the cosplayers.

We’ve worn these costumes for both Disney Dapper Day in Spring 2016 and for Megacon 2016. We plan on wearing these costumes for years to come as they are both cute and easy to wear.

I made these costumes using three primary patterns; the red pinafore is McCall 7184, the yellow blouse with white Peter Pan collar is Simplicity 1693, and underneath (unseen in photo) are yellow crinolines from the Simplicity 5006. All items were stitched according to their respective patterns, except the crinoline which we added more tulle to for extra ‘poof’.

Some fun accents include a specialty stitch which looks like the kite of a tail, which is used to topstitch the Peter Pan collar and the hats. We included a red rose on each of the hats as a nod to Alice’s “Painting the Roses Red” scene, plus two blue flowers each hat to bring in the blue of the bows on the blouses.

Our hats/facinators were a creation I made for a dapper take on the Tweedle’s hats, which suited our overall look the best. They are red felt circles, cut to make a soft ‘party hat’ point for a bit of volume. The yellow tulle is the same that was used to make the crinolines, it’s pleated and stitched under the facinator, which Velcros onto a headband. There’s a beaded trim hand stitched around the very edge of the hat for a ‘fancy’ edge.

All the materials to make the items were bought at Joann Fabric and Craft Stores.

Only our earrings, stockings, shoes, and support-wear were not made by us.

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