Tudor Snow White


It’s amazing that this Snow White costume was made completely DIY, it looks like it was made professionally! The design and pattern looks identical to the classic Disney princess that everyone knows and loves and the sewing is extremely well done. This princess will surely have everyone’s attention whenever she enters the room!

Tudor Snow White

A message from Tatianna, the creator of the ‘Tudor Snow White’ costume:

In this picture is me as Snow White (and my boyfriend dressed as the huntsman). This costume was initially inspired by the artist Shoomlah’s ‘Historically Accurate Disney Princess’ collection. I wanted to make a Snow White that looked like she came straight out of Henry VII’s court.

I made every piece of this costume by hand, including the hoop-skirt, and corset, french hood, and the beading down the front. I made this for Halloween two years ago and wore it to an office party! This past summer I wore it to Fan Expo Toronto. She is so much fun to wear, and seeing people’s faces light up when the see a princess walking down the street is amazing.

I have some formal training in sewing, but I don’t do it professionally.

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