20 Couples Costumes That Are Too Cute For Words


Some things go together like…um…that’s what you’re here to find out! Discover the perfect couples costume for you and your sweetheart/partner/soulmate/bff so you can take that trophy or just take your group of friends by surprise with a duo that really takes the cake! Or, just scare the living daylights out of them…together.

These couples costumes are adorable!

Fun World Tacky Traveler Adult Costume

Go on vacation right in your neighborhood with a pair of tacky traveler jumpsuits! You’ll look like you just plopped down on a beach in Hawaii. The jumpsuit features a shirt with the words “Which way to the buffet?” and attached Bermuda shorts with hoop. Accessorize with woven grass hats and sunglasses.

Chewbacca and Han Solo Star Wars Couples Costumes

This pair can talk their way out of anything as they zip through a galaxy far, far away! Who could resist charming Han Solo and his fuzzy wookie? Han Solo costume comes with shirt, vest, and pants. Chewbacca is a full fur bodysuit that includes a handy bandolier.

Rasta Imposta Lightweight Plug and Socket Couples Costume

On their own, they have no purpose. But, together? Electricity! This set of plug and socket tunics for couples makes for lots of laughs and a costume combo that sizzles! The costume includes tunics only. Pair with dress black clothing and electric hair for a wild look!

Adult Soap and Loofah Couples Costume

What if you were the romantic bubble bath? This charming soap and loofah couples costume includes loofah dress, soap tunic, 10 fun balloon bubbles and a squeaky clean finish to that Halloween or costume party evening! Pair with rubber duckie or scrub brush accessories for a look that couldn’t be cuter!

Fun World Peanut Butter and Jelly Set

Make a couple sandwich with this hysterical peanut butter and jelly couples costume! It includes on foam costume with peanut butter print and one with grape jelly. This delicious PB & J pair is the perfect set for that upcoming Halloween costume party!

Cookies and Milk Toddler Costume

Let the little ones go trick-or-treating hand-in-hand as their favorite snack…cookies and milk! The set includes one cookie tunic and one milk tunic. This tasty pair better watch out! They may have to make a run for it because everyone loves cookies and milk!

Fun World Perfectly Paired Wine and Cheese Set

Fun AND sophisticated, this wacky wine and cheese duo couples costume is the perfect thing for Halloween and costume parties! The set includes wine bottle foam tunic, cheese wedge shaped foam tunic, and faux oversized knife. Spend this Halloween as your favorite chic appetizer!

Adult Flasher Couples Costume

Making a lasting impression on party guests with this adult flasher couples costume set! The female costume features a black trench coat which opens to reveal a buxom babe clad in pink bikini lingerie with pulled-down jeans. The male costume is a matching black trench coat with a cut physique, pulled-down jeans, and black briefs beneath. Hysterical and eye-popping!

Rasta Imposta Bacon and Eggs Couples Costume

Do you smell something delicious cooking? This bacon and eggs couples costume fries up something special for breakfast with one bacon tunic and one egg tunic. This is a great two for one deal for a look you can just slip on. Fantastic for a fun, simple couples costume that sizzles!

Custom Made The Shining Grady Twins Set Dress

Heart-stopping, terrifying, and cute as a button, this set of the Grady twins dresses from The Shiny will stop them in their tracks! The dresses are blue with peter pan collar, puffed sleeves, and ruffled skirt with white lace trim and off white ribbon sashes. Set includes two pink satin roses for the sash. Pair with little girls socks and black shoes for a stunning sisters/bff look!

Adam and Eve Adult Costume

Create your own adorable Garden of Eden with these sinful Adam and Eve costumes! The set includes two flesh-colored jumpsuits with leaf coverings and matching leaf headpieces so you and your significant other can make your own wacky brand of paradise! Snake and apple not included.

Adult Jessie and Woody Couples Costumes — Toy Story

Be a part of your own Toy Story with this set of Jessie and Woody costumes! The Jessie costume includes cute western dress, cowgirl hat, wrist cuffs, hair bow, belt, and pull ring. Woody costume includes jumpsuit, cowboy hat, vest, belt, holster, bandana, cowboy boot covers, and pull ring. This matching duo is too sweet!

Wayne’s World Garth and Wayne Costume Set

These totally excellent Wayne’s World Wayne and Garth costumes will have you ready to party on! The set includes long black wig and Wayne’s World hat for Wayne, blonde wig with glasses and drumsticks for Garth. Add your favorite heavy metal shirts and plaid jacket for a bro couples costume that is head-banging brilliant!

Adult Tooth and Tooth Fairy Couples Costume

Whiten and brighten with this tooth and tooth fairy costume set! Tooth costume includes white tooth tunic and gold crown. The tooth fairy is sparkling in a shapely white dress with gauze fairy wings ant tooth wand! Polish up on your social skills and hold on to your molars!

Disguise Mr./Mrs. Potato Head Deluxe Adult

Have a spudlicious good time in this set of costumes inspired by a favorite childhood toy! The thick foam-backed tunics fasten with velcro in the back. Cute potato ears are sewn on, and the friendly and fun Mr. and Mrs. Potato head faces are interchangeable. The costume includes a yellow foam hat with plastic flowers. Only one tunic comes with this costume, so spring for two or switch out!

Adult Grandpa and Grandma Couples Costume

Get ready to shake it octogenarian style with this sweet grandma and grandpa couples set! Grandpa is looking dapper in a one piece suit with plaid pants and matching bow tie, belt, shirt and sweater vest. Grandma’s costume includes a padded floral print dress and scarf headpiece with trim. Add some classic shoes or slippers, wigs, glasses, and curlers and prepare to kick up your heels!

Rasta Imposta Key To My Heart Lock and Key Couples

If glamourous and fun is your style, try on these couples heart lock and key costumes! She looks like a treasure that needs to be opened in a clinging black mini dress with gold heart shaped keyhole lock. He has what it takes to get inside with this magnificent gold key tunic that hangs around the neck. Get ready to open the door to fun this Halloween!

Harlequin Alice and Mad Hatter Couples Costumes

Join the upside-down world of mad fun with a sexy Alice in Wonderland and Mad Hatter set of costumes! Alice’s blue, black, and white tutu dress is dizzying hot and includes white choker collar and headband. The Mad Hatter shows up to the party in a stunning steampunk jacket with tails , checkered vest, and bow tie. Pair with wild accessories for a maddeningly good time!

Fun World — King and Queen of Hearts Adult Costumes

Prepare to stack the deck in your favor with these stylin’, cute and deadly, card costumes! The set includes tunics featuring skeletal King and Queen of Hearts with colorful, intricate card designs and bleeding heart symbols. Till death do us part, indeed!

Monkey and Banana Couples Costumes

Get ready for a wacky, wild ride with this pair of monkey and banana costumes straight from the jungle! The monkey is ready to stir up some trouble in the trees with a furry brown jumpsuit that includes hood with zany monkey ears and tail. This banana is ripe for picking and includes a simple bright yellow tunic.

6 DIY Couples Costumes That Are Too Cute For Words

Homemade Funny Couple Costumes

This couple submitted a couples costume look to Coolest Homemade Costume that can’t be beat for laughs and originality. Check out the man dressed as a deer and his partner in black asphalt minidress with duct tape dotted lines, a pair of headlights (that actually work), and a deer crossing sign! Put this together for that “deer in headlights” look!

Fred and Wilma Flintstone

This couple scavenged a Fred costume for $5 at Goodwill, but the costume could easily be made with some ingenuity and scissors. Wilma crafted her costume from a white t-shirt, styrofoam balls for the iconic necklace, and orange hairspray. It looks like they just stepped out of Bedrock!

Bob Ross and Happy Tree

Who doesn’t love Bob Ross and his awesome paintings of happy little rocks and trees? This crafty lady made his costume with afro, simple men’s clothing, and a palette made of cardboard. She sewed her dress from a shirt and made branches for a headpiece with craft leaves and vine. She made an adorable squirrel from a template she found online to represent the baby they were expecting!

Homer and Marge Simpson

This adorable couple pieced together a fantastic Homer and Marge couples costume set. For him: If he doesn’t already have Homer’s suave hair, you can use a bald cap. A simple white shirt with work pants and lab ID completes the Homer costume. She: A flattering vintage dress with costume jewelry bead necklace and blue hair dye or spray gives you that Marge style. They are both tinted yellow with body paint.

Katniss and Peeta The Hunger Games

Getting the Katniss and Peeta doomed lovers look should be fairly simple, according to this blogger at Artsy Architette. Both can be dressed in green khaki cargo pants, black tees, black jackets, and boots. Accessorize Katniss with a small backpack and archery set. Peeta should have messy hair, and perhaps a rip in his pants with fake blood. Dirt makeup for both is a nice touch.

Struck by Lightning

Maybe love hit you like a bolt from the blue, or maybe not! Either way, you will be electrifying in this couples DIY struck by lightning costume set. One of you wears a bolt of lightning made from poster board or foam. The other wears some ripped clothes and styles electrified hair and a few black smudges on the face while carrying a tattered umbrella. So brilliant!

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