Tonto and Lone Ranger Costumes


These two bring us all the way back to the wild wild west with their Tonto and Lone Ranger costumes! They’re made DIY from a whole bunch of different pieces of clothing and accessories and definitely give you a glimps of what life was like way back when!

Tonto and Lone Ranger Costumes

A message from Shonna, the creator of the ‘Tonto and Lone Ranger’ costumes:

My son timmy is Tonto hair is is own just sprayed black. I attached the crow to a head band, bought material to make head scarf,belt and skirt. I made a bag for bread crumbs to feed his bird. Found some Indian jewelry at the dollar store. I attached fringe to a beige pair of pants.

My nephew is the lone ranger black makeup for his mask an old leather vest and long sleeve shirt we had just laying around. Bought a sheriff’s badge at dollar store and borrowed the cowboy hat.

The best costume ever we had a blast.

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