The Walking Dead Family Zombie Costumes


These Walking Dead costumes are perfect for Halloween as they touch on 2 favorite themes. They’re also quite inexpensive to make and safe to wear which makes them great for any family. These guys look like they were extras in the actual TV show!

The Walking Dead Zombie Family Costumes

A message from Jannine, the creator of the ‘Walking Dead Family’ zombie costumes:

A few years ago my little family and I had “the walking dead” nights, so when Halloween came around we decide we wanted to actually live the dead life lol so I went to hobby lobby to but a muscle shirt and baby doll legs and arms. I then went to Walgreens and bought fake blood.

I spent about $10 for our costumes. The rest of the clothes we used was stuff we already owned but never used. For our cuts I made a mixture of water and glue. I I did one layer on the mixture and put toilet paper on top, then again on top of that another layer mixture and toilet paper, rinse and repeat. I let the dry completely added some foundation to match our skin and blood.

zombie makeup

zombie kid

zombie how to

pregnant zombie

I also use light foundation on our faces so that we look “dead”. We got so many compliments that Halloween! It was fun and economical!

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