The Coon from South Park


Any true fan of South Park will certainly remember and recognize the superhero vigilante that Cartman poses as, The Coon! This DIY costume was made to look as much like the cartoon version as possible and it looks so close that it’s basically the real life version of the little crime stopping vigilante. South Park will never be safer!

The Coon from South Park

A message from Leah, the creator of the ‘Coon from South Park’ costume:

I made this costume for my husband.

I got a grey track suit from Amazon and used fabric paint to add the C logo to the shirt I added a cape I made from red cotton fabric.

Coon Claws

The mask is a craft store plastic mask covered I. Faux fur and the ears are faux fur on a headband. The claws are faux fingernails sprayed silver.

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