Barney the Billionaire Dog Costume


Barney the Billionaire is a hilarious take on Donald Trump which is particularly appropriate with the current election situation. This pooch is┬ádressed exactly like Trump from hair-to-paw and the super accurate background makes it even better. He’ll surely make America great when he sets out this Halloween!

Barney the Billionaire Dog Costume

A message from Shannon, the creator of the ‘Barney the Billionaire’ dog costume:

The costume I created was made completely with things found at a thrift store. The jacket was originally a women small blazer. I removed the arms and cut the jacket up the back and the sides. I shortened the jacket to fit the dog.

I then cut the arms of the coat to fit the dogs legs, then sewed them back to the the shoulders of the jacket and sewed the sides of the jacket back together. The back I left open and used a shoe lace to lace up the back. It gave me the ability to tighten and loosen the jacket where needed. The shirt was a womens small white button up shirt.

Essentially I made the shirt into a dicky. I took the very end of the sleeves and sewed it onto the inside of the arms of the jacket to make it look like the shirt coming poking out the end of the sleeves of the jacket. I then sewed the shirt into the jacket. The tie was made from a tie but the skinny part of it. I also found a wig that was the same color as Barney’s hair. I just cut a small part of it off to fit Barney’s head. That is how I turned Barney into the Billionaire.

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