Terminator Duo Couples Costume


These Terminators will surely cause some chaos at Skynet this Halloween with their costumes! They both include very impressive makeup work that’ll prove that they truly are cyborg assassins. They’ll be a virtually indestructible duo with these costumes!

Terminator Duo Couples Costume

A message from Danielle, the creator of the ‘Terminator Duo’ couples costume:

Hello! I am a huge Terminator fan so I decided to experiment with Halloween makeup and it turned out pretty good! I also, with much convincing, made my boyfriend a Terminator.

We went to Fan Expo in Toronto dressed as Terminators and it was a big success. I did my arm as well as my face and his face.

Terminator Selfie

The picture that is a closeup of my face, was done on halloween night of last year, and this time I experimented with liquid latex and clay.

Terminator Face Makeup

So all the machine details in my face are actually 3D.

Terminator Arm

There was a lot of hard work playing around with different makeup and tools to make these machines come to life! Not to mention finding all the leather gear.

Terminator Face

Thanks for reading!


Danielle 🙂

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