Teen Tooth Fairy (Homemade)


I designed this costume myself, and I am the one wearing it. One picture includes my friend’s two children. I used to be a dental assistant, so I thought it would be fun if I were the tooth fairy. (I couldn’t wear the costume to work, though, because it would get in the way too much.) I really just imagined what would be the most over-the-top thing that would make little girls swoon.

homemade tooth fairy costume

The dress is actually a fairly authentic Civil War ballgown style. I heavily modified a pattern to make the bodice, and I made the corset from a pattern I created myself. The skirt and petticoat were made with no pattern. All are mostly machine sewn, but with finishing work done by hand. The artificial flowers connected with wire and floral tape, and they are pinned to the dress so that they can come off when the dress needs to be cleaned. My husband shaped the wings out of wire, and I glued on the cream nylon fabric. He also made the tooth necklace and earrings out of Sculpey, and I painted them with iridescent nail polish. The first time I wore this costume, most people didn’t notice the jewelry on their own, so they just thought I was a fairy princess. The next time I wore it, I purchased a white canvass bag and a set of sequin letters to put the word “teeth” on the bag. The idea was that was my bag for collecting children’s teeth. That also confused people, so I changed it to simply say “Tooth Fairy.”

The first two times I wore this just for Halloween, but I have since worn it at promotional events for a couple of dentist offices.

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