9 Absolutely Adorable Teddy Bear Dog Costumes


You know Man’s best friend is not just the family pet… she is part of the family. She guards you, plays with you comforts you, and gets her own stocking at Christmas. And, yes, she even goes trick-or-treating with you. So let her have her own special costume this Halloween! The neighbors will think it’s adorable, and the kids will love it. So will you!

Teddy Bear Hood Dog Costume

Your pet will be even more snuggly than usual in this cute teddy bear dog hood costume! The hood has fluffy light brown fur with teddy bear ears. The inside of the ears and bow tie are green with white polka dots. The best part is, you don’t have to toss it in a closet after Halloween. You can dress up your dog for parades, special photos, whatever!

Goldilocks and the Three Bears/ Teddy Bear Dog Costume

Your little bear will be ready to go trekking in the forest in this adorable Three Bears teddy bear costume. The one-piece coat is curly brown fur, with attached plush cream-colored tail and ears. This costume is a perfect match for you or your child’s Goldilocks outfit, or all by itself!

Leezo Pet Puppy Dog Teddy Bear Costumes

This soft brown-gray fleece teddy bear hoodie costume will keep your dog warm and cozy on a chilly Halloween evening. It features a cute teddy bear face with round ears on the hood, round tail, and heart logo on the rear. A stylish red ribbon bow decorates the chest.

Walking Teddy Bear Pet Costume

Let your best friend walk alongside you in this sweet walking teddy bear costume! It is a step-in costume with padded arms, red checkered bow tie and ear inlays, and soft brown fur. The two of you together will be a sight they won’t forget!

Cuddly Teddy Bear Dog Costume

This white teddy bear costume will have your dog strutting his stuff this Halloween! It features cute round bear ears and a black nose on the hood. The costume is made of soft, moveable material to keep your pet cozy and happy.

Pet Bear Teddy Bear Hooded Pajamas

Your dog will probably be the most comfortable one in the family in his Halloween costume in these snuggly fleece pajamas. The suit is smooth with fuzzy teddy bear ears. A cute teddy bear face smiles from the hood..There is a hook for the leash on the neck. The costume is available in custom colors, too, so he can really show off this Halloween!

Lalago Teddy Bear Warm Dog Costume

That Fall weather gets chilly by Halloween night! Keep your dog snug as a bear in its cave for trick-or-treat with this berber fleece teddy bear costume. It has a snap fastener design for easy dress and undress. A sweet bear pattern is featured on the back.

Adorable Cream Colored Teddy Bear Dog Halloween Costume

Faux fur in cream with a contrasting color on the underbelly and ears makes for an unbelievably realistic and adorable look! Really! This furry bear costume will blend perfectly with your dog’s natural fur. It features hugging arms at the front and a style so it looks like teddy is walking upright.

Thick Warm Cartoon Bear Pet Clothes

A plush fuzzy cartoon bear costume for your dog is the perfect addition to your family’s Halloween ensemble! It features cute teddy bear face and ears on the hood, and attached sweater in red or blue with a heart inscribed with “Love” on the back.

2 DIY Teddy Bear Dog Costumes

Teddy Bear Costume from Dogsaholic

This easy and marvelous DIY teddy bear dog costume from Dogsaholic will give you your own companion Ewok! You simply take a stuffed teddy bear the same size as your dog, do a little snipping, gluing, and velcro-ing and voila! A great-looking walking teddy bear! The blogger cautions that the pet should have plenty of room to move and breathe while not getting tangled in any loose material.

She Took An Old Teddy Bear And Made The BEST Thing

Little Things links to a blogger’s tutorial on Youtube for measuring out and creating this sweet walking teddy bear costume from a stuffed teddy bear. The result looks like a real walking teddy bear coming down the hallway with arms outstretched! Adorable and freaky at the same time!

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