Steampunk Harley Quinn Costume


Batman may have his batmobile but I found my own rust bucket and I’m ready for a night of mayhem and mischief in my own design of steampunk harley quinn. This design is an original design I made myself based off the popular Batman villian harley quinn and the world of steampunk.

steampunk harley quinn costume

I created everything right down to the hammer ( which is a bronze pot, 2 clocks, a golf umbrella, bolts and some embellishments). The gloves and shoes where the only things I bought but they were thrift finds. The gold diamonds on the costume are made from a plastic gold serving tray and are in the same places as the original harley Quinn’s.

The vest and the pants are 2 leather jackets and the corset is a ton of belts which I sewed together myself. Instead of a jester hat I went with a crown to fit the steampunk theme. You can also find steam punk gears on the face mask on the hammer and around my waste to pull the whole thing together.

This costume is one of my best creations and I’m very excited to share it with you! I hope you love it too.

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