Spike Costume (Made to Make People Smile)


Make everyone smile this year with this Spike costume! It’s quite a big DIY project but the end result will be well worth it. You’ll also feel great making everyone else around you much happier when you show up in this costume!. A big furry costume that everyone will love!

Spike Costume (Made to Make People Smile)

A message from Mckenzie, the creator of the ‘Spike’ costume:

I am wearing this homemade costume. I created this costume so I can make people smile all the time! My inspiration is my 2 favorite colors green and blue and dragons. This costume was kinda difficult to make but it was worth it!

I made it with foam, hot glue, paper plates, sewing materials and faux fur.

Spike Hug Spike Pose Spike With Kid

My goal is to go to cancer hospitals for kids and to help raise money to help them!

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