Spellthief Lux (Based on League of Legends)


League of Legends has become one of the biggest online games ever! Based on fan popularity, it has also become one of the favorites at events like GamesCon. Dress up as your favorite character and show up all your friends and anyone else this year as Spellthief Lux and you’ll surely catch everyone’s attention!


A message from Vanessa, the creator of the ‘Spellthief Lux’ costume:

This is my Spellthief Lux costume I made for GamesCom this year. It is based of the League of Legends character Lux. Some parts are made by myself, some things are bought but partly edited.

The hood was the most fun but stressfull part of the whole costume. I did it three times until I was satisfied. I used light brown and red fabric and a white fabric pen. The bottom part is sewn like a half circle skirt and stitched onto the hood which is big rectangle with one curved side. After the base was finished I added the red fabric to the edges and painted them afterwards.


My bracelets are made out of EVA foam. I attached some velcro after they were spray painted.

The pants are bought but I cut small holes into the sides in order to attach the black ribbon.

My weapon sadly broke during the photoshoot. But it was made by a friend of mine.


The wig, the shirt, the belts and the shoes are bought and not altered.

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