Spectacular Bowser Mario Kart Costume


I, Michael Khan, am wearing the costume in the photos. It is inspired by Bowser from the Nintendo’s Mario Kart. I built the mask using a combination of foam, Styrofoam balls, felt duct tape and hot glue. The eyepiece flips up for better vision while walking. I attached a string of thin red Christmas led lights from Michael’s to a plastic extendible party horn and inserted that in the mask’s mouth to give the appearance of Bowser blowing fire.

Bowser Costume

The body and legs are sewn from my own design. Pajamas are used as a based with stretchy yellow material attached to the outside and polyester stuffing for pillows stuffed in between.


The shell is made from a mesh of old hangers and foam. It took a few steps to create and paint the shell which is attached to a harness I created that clips onto the suit. The chest piece for the costume is attached via Velcro on top of the harness in the front to hide it from sight.

Bowser Adult

The cart is designed from two umbrellas, a series of six collapsible lanterns, (which were made for trick or treating), cardboard, and duct tape. Two LED lights that turn on with a switch and speakers were inserted in the front of the cart. The cart collapses into a belt and unfolds with the push of the two re purposed umbrella buttons.

This costume was incredibly fun to wear but also highly impractical. It was difficult to see, sit down and nearly impossible to use the washroom while wearing it, but overall it was worth the game of Mario Kart that we played at the venue we decided to visit on Halloween.

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