Silver the Purrsian Princess


This costume is purrfect for all cat lovers and princesses. If you’re undecided whether to go as a princess or a cat this Halloween then this costume is an ideal compromise. You’ll surely shock all your friends with this very unique and stylish costume!

Silver the Purrsian Princess

A message from Amy, the creator of the ‘Silver Purrsian Princess’ costume:

Hey, I’m Amy and this is my Silver the Purrsian princess costume. I made it my own using mostly velor fabric. I came up with this costume because I love cats and it was kind of a play on words with her being a Purrsian pincess instead of a Persian princess.

I made her all white with hints of silver, hence the name Silver, and you can’t see it here but I’m also wearing silver painter boots with heels.

Purrsian Smile

Purrsian Hand Pose

Hope you all like my Purrsian Princess. Have a great Halloween everyone.

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