65 Super Sexy Halloween Costumes For Women


Halloween is the one time of year when we get to be whoever – or indeed whatever – our hearts desire. It is an opportunity to wear something completely different to what they would normally wear. For many woman, this means choosing a sexy costume, safe in the knowledge that no-one is going to judge them, because if you can’t dress sexy on Halloween then when can you? With that in mind, we have gathered some of our favorite sexy Halloween costumes for women – some of them a little more risque than others.

If you are looking for a sexy Halloween costume this year, make sure to read this first! Tons of fab ideas.

Ariel Mermaid Costume

When it comes to choosing a Halloween costume, Disney princesses are often a popular choice. However, do not feel that you have to be restricted by the family friendly Disney option if you want to go a little sexier. This stunning handmade Ariel Mermaid Costume is a very grown up take on the popular princess. This one is particularly skimpy though, but if you have the confidence to wear it then you are going to look like a million bucks

Bloody French Maid Costume

This sexy outfit is a bit of a twist on a classic. Spice up the cliche French Maid costume a little with this blood stained version, after all Halloween is supposed to be scary! The costume is still sexy despite its darker edge – or perhaps because of it! The traditional black maid costumer trimmed in white lace is flattering and seductive.

Catwoman Costume

Nothing says sexy like a skintight catsuit! This Halloween, you might want to channel your inner feline with this sexy Catwoman ensemble. The sexy jumpsuit features tantalizing cut outs on the chest and shoulders and has slashed sections on the thighs to reveal just a touch more skin. You are sure to feel ready to go on the prowl after pouring yourself into this little number!

Egyptian Goddess costume

Now this costume is one that is fit for a Queen! Your inner goddess is sure to come out to play when you choose this Cleopatra style Egyptian Goddess costume. The shimmery dress will hug your figure while the flowing fringes add more texture to the outfit. Top it off with the snake motif crown and you are sure to charm everyone at the party!

Gardian of the Galaxy Gamora Costume

Be your own hero this Halloween in a sexy Gamora costume. This Guardian of the Galaxy could very well be the most dangerous woman in the universe and you are sure to look fierce when you style yourself after her. The figure hugging black and green catsuit is sure to highlight your curves and looks fantastic teamed with long gloves and tall boots.

Midnight Cat Costume

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, then this sexy little Midnight Cat costume is simply purrfect! Show off all of your best assets in this wet look and fishnet romper with cute sequinned bottom. It is accessorized with a perky little kitty cat tail, cat ears and a cute bell collar to complete the look.

Mortal Kombat Kitana costume

This officially licensed Mortal Kombat Kitana costume is an absolute knockout. You are sure to look stunning in the hot pants and crop top with matching gauntlets, mask, boot covers, headpiece and arm bands. This is every Mortal Kombat fan’s fantasy come to life.

Princess Leia Slave Costume

The first lady of Star Wars, Princess Leia is a popular choice at Halloween, but if you want to go the sexier route, then the Slave Costume is definitely the way to go. It is a much more revealing option, but it is sure to turn some heads. This is an official licensed costume so it has all the attention to detail that makes it look authentic.

Sexy Beetlejuice Costume

Now, Beetlejuice is not a character that usually makes you think of something sexy, but when Halloween roles around the rules go out the window and women can put a sexy spin on just about any character! For this costume Beetlejuice is re-imagined as a sexy siren in a short corset dress instead of the usual striped suit!

sexy Captain Marvel Costume

If there is one theme that is super popular right now then it is superheroes of all shapes and sizes. One of the lesser seen female heroes is Marvel’s Captain Marvel! When you see this sexy costume you will understand why people want to see a lot more of her. IT features a sexy Lycra catsuit with matching bodysuit, glove, sash and boot covers.

Sexy Darth Vader Bodysuit

We are pretty sure that if Darth Vader had looked this hot, then more people would have been keen to join the dark side! With this skin tight Darth Vader bodysuit, Sith Lords are about to get much sexier. You can enhance your costume with a cape and light-saber to really complete the look.

Sexy Shark Costume

Okay, so technically this one is a swimsuit but with a little imagination it could also be a super cute Halloween costume. These shark bathing suits come complete with shark’s mouth cut outs. We are picturing this with some fishnets and boots and some type of shark’s fin fascinator for a sexy and unique costume.

Sexy Speed Racer Costume

This Speed Racer costume is sure to have you going from zero to sexy in a matter of seconds. You will look every inch the race queen in this chequered flag inspired romper with matching gloves and belt. This streamlined little number will highlight all of your most dangerous curves!

Sexy Swashbuckler Priate Costume

Adventure awaits when you don this sexy Swashbuckler Pirate gown! We love the detailing on the lace up bodice with leather halter style strapping to accentuate the cleavage area. The ruffle sleeves can be detached based on your personal preference. Another great feature is the feathered tricorn hat!

Sexy Top Gun Costume

If you feel the need for speed, then you will definitely want to check out this sexy Top Gun uniform! If the Navy issued uniforms like this, they would likely win many a battle before they even took off in their fighter jets! Inspired by the eighties classic movie Top Gun, this cute uniform is sure to be a big hit!

Sherwood Beauty Robin costume

How about this for a sexy twist on Robin Hood? Who wants to be damsel in distress Maid Marion, when you could be your own hero as this Sherwood beauty. The traditional Prince of Thieves costume is sexed up with a short skirt instead of leggings and a low cut blouse with lace up vest. Your arrows are sure to go straight for somebody’s heart in this ensemble!

Spider Girl Hottie Costume

Who will you catch in your web when you dress as this feminine take on Spider Man? The Spider Girl Hottie costume includes a form fitting metallic bodysuit with a matching mask and cute silver cuffs. This is a really show stopper. With it’s high cut neckline and long pants, it offers more coverage than some of the skimpier outfits on the list, but the snug fit still shows off your figure.

Victorian Vamp Costume

This stunning Victorian style vampire costume is both sexy and elegant. It includes a beautiful Victorian inspired dress with an attached petticoat which will flatter your figure. The lace sleeves and high collar add that touch of mystique that every vampire needs. You are sure to have plenty of willing victims in your thrall when you wear this to your Halloween party!

Going Commando Costume

This sexy camo romper features a front zip closure allowing you to decide how high (or low) to zip it depending on how much cleavage you want to put on show. Included with the costume is the black body harness which provides the ideal place to slip a combat knife or pistol to complete the look!

Sexy Jonah Hex Lilah Costume

Movie fans and comic book aficionados alike will love this Lilah costume straight out of Jonah Hex. This stunning ivory saloon girl ensemble packs plenty of punch. The corset dress has a steampunk vibe, but with delicate pink lace and organza detailing to give it a girly twist. This is an officially licensed DC comics costume that is a great replica of one of Lilah’s movie outfits.

Sexy Chucky Doll

Creating a sexy Halloween look is child’s play with this sexy take on murderous doll Chucky! The iconic overall and striped t-shirt combination has been re-imagined as a short figure hugging dress with matching red thigh high stockings.

Sexy Zorro Costume

If Zorro had been female, he might have looked a little something like this! This sexy take on the mysterious masked man includes all of the classic elements like the hat, the mask, the cape and the Z insignia tattoo, but underneath it features a sexy mini skirt and bustier combo. Eat your heart out Tonto!

Hot Polar Bear Costume

We love this adorable faux fur polar bear outfit! It includes everything you will need to transform yourself into an adorable polar bear! It consists of a short skirt and corset with furry boot covers, paws, bolero and hood. The resulting look is super cute and sexy too!

Olive Oyl Costume

Popeye’s iconic girlfriend Olive Oyl was always getting into all sorts of trouble and now you can cause some mischief of your own with this authentic Olive Oyl costume. The dress features the classic short black pencil skirt and an attached tight red blouse with scoop neck and petal neckline. The costume also includes the classic olive oyl bun wig to complete the look!

Assassin’s Creed Sexy Connor Costume

Another cute gender switch costume that we wanted to include on the list is this official Assassins Creed costume based on the character of Connor. You will look sexy and tough all at once in this historically inspired Florentine dress with an integrated hood and cape. The look is completed with leather style arm cuffs.

Sultry Sway Officer Costume

Get your sights set on having a great time in this sexy SWAT officer costume. The cute uniform features decorative buckles to give the impression of a combat vest and the included arm band, gloves and garter really complete the look. The main part of the costume is a tank style dress making it very comfortable to wear which is great for going out to a party or other Halloween event.

Sexy Viking Costume

Get ready to raid every party you attend in this sexy Viking Warrior costume. You may usually associate Vikings with big bearded men, but their shield maidens were every bit as brutal! This sexy Viking dress features faux fur accents and golden arm and leg ties to transform you into a Viking warrior woman. You will feel sexy and powerful in this ensemble.

Sexy Belle Princess Costume

This is a sexy version of one of the most popular Disney Princesses – Belle from Beauty and the Beast. You will feel every inch the princess in this beautiful yellow and white dress with its corset style bodice and off the shoulder sleeves. The dress is cut short to accentuate your legs and features 10% spandex in the body to give a great fit.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

This Halloween, why not step into the high kicking boots of some of America’s most famous cheerleaders with this replica Dallas Cowboys cheerleader costumer. The squad is notoriously difficult to get a spot on, but you can play pretend with the signature blue satin halter and white hot pants look, topped off by the classic fringed Cowboys vest! Go Team!

Makin Waves Sexy Sailor Suit

You are sure to make some waves in this gorgeous sailor costume. The white Lycra dress has a cute sweetheart neckline to show of your bust and a flattering A-line skirt with a cute anchor motif. It also comes with a co-ordinating long sleeved shrug and a cute sailor hat.

Harem’s Jewel Sexy Genie Costume

Not every sexy costume has to be skimpy. If you are looking for something with a little bit more coverage, then how about this sexy Harem’s Jewel Genie costume? You will look like a wish come true in this combination of sheer coin embellished harem pants along with a matching halter top with chiffon drapes and sheer veil. Sexy and mysterious is the look with this costume.

Sexy Sister Nun Costume

You will feel sinfully sexy in this sexy nun costume, just make sure that they people at your party are not going to find it offensive. The costume includes a cute long sleeved dress with a mesh panel across the shoulders and sleeves. The cut is flattering around the hips and butt, so you are sure to feel comfortable. Top it off with the matching habit and you are ready to go!

Baseball Babe

You are sure to knock it out of the park in this cute Baseball Babe costume. The oversize jersey is worn as a dress and you can decide how many of the front buttons to leave undone, depending on how much you want to heat things up at the party! The costume is supplied with a marching ball cap, but you can accessorize further with some cute knee length tube socks and a prop baseball bat!

Sexy Vintage Stewardess

We love this vintage air stewardess costume, which could also double as a navy sailor. The costume includes a sexy romper/bodysuit with cute lace around the cups and ruffles on the hips. It features ‘wings’ motif on one cup. Also included with the set is a pair of fishnet stockings, gloves, scar and lace trimmed sailor hat. It is a great complete costume at a very reasonable price. It has a very vintage, steampunk look to it and is going to stand out among some of the other sailors that are also likely to be at the party.

Sexy Skeleton Costume

It is time to get spooky and sexy with this stunning skeleton costume. The printed tutu dress is supplied with detachable clear straps for those who feel like they need a little more support in the bust area. You can easily complete the look with a pair of skeleton pantyhose which you can probably pick up in your local dollar store around Halloween.

Foul Play Referee Costume

This sexy costume is one for the truly adventurous. The Foul Play Referee costume has a black mini skirt with the words ‘foul play’ on the butt and is paired with a striped mini cropped top with cap sleeves and a scoop neckline. The shirt is very short and will show the underside of your bust, so it is likely that you will need to make use of modesty tape to keep it in place. However, it does look stunning and you will definitely feel sexy.

Teacher’s Pet Sexy Schoolgirl

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a couple of sexy schoolgirls, now would it? We love this particular ‘Teacher’s Pet’ costume because it is flattering for a variety of body types. Curvy girls and more petite girls alike can rock this fitted blouse and pleated skirt. Just add some over the knee socks and a pair of Mary janes and you are good to go!

Queen of Detention Costume

This Queen of Detention costume is ideal if you want to dress up as a sexy schoolgirl. It is a little bit different to most of the schoolgirl costumes that we have seen. Instead of the usual red plaid skirt, this one is mainly grey tones. It also features a cute bolero cardigan is grey as well. This is a cute choice if you want to still stand out while opting for one of the most popular costume ideas. This one also caters to plus sizes which is fantastic for curvier women.

Ravishing Peacock Costume

Animal costumes are a big hit at Halloween, since you can add animal ears and a tail to a lingerie style outfit for a quick and easy outfit, but one animal that we don’t see to often is a peacock! That may all change when you get a glimpse of this adorable peacock costume! The form fitting feather accented bodice will accentuate your bust and waist and is finished off with a sexy tulle tutu. The rhinestone peacock feather headpiece complete the look, leaving you with nothing else to do but get out there and shake your tail feathers!

Shore Thing Sailor Costume

We have featured a couple of different sailor costumes, but this one has to be one of our favorites! It features a stunning navy satin dress with a traditional sailor collar and red and gold accents. The skirt is decorated with multiple sequinned appliques in a nautical theme.

Sexy Jack Skellington

You certainly won’t look like a nightmare in this sexy twist on the Jack Skellington character! It consists of a stunning stripped bustier with bat detailing to reference Jack’s striped suit and is teamed with a flirty tulle tutu skirt. The cut of the dress will help to create an hourglass silhouette and is accessorized with a set of cute cuff and sailor hat both of which are trimmed in gold braid.

Sexy Riddler Costume

Halloween is a great opportunity to unleash your inner villain, so how about this sexy take on Batman’s rival The Riddler. This sexy mini skirt and bustier set is pulled together perfectly with some great accessories including the collar, long gloves and cute bowler hat – all included in the set making it amazing value!

Giffy Up Cowgirl Costume

This western style ‘Giddy Up Cowgirl’ costume is perfect not only for Halloween, but for many other western themed events throughout the year. The suede dress has a hook and eye closure up the front and a cute fringe on the hem. It comes with a matching cowgirl hat, scarf and sheriff’s pin. It is cut for a flattering fit and is sexy , but not too revealing.

Miss Martian

Isn’t this martian costume just adorable? The galaxy print mini-dress features a unique UFO inspired wired skirt and is complimented by a cute furry green alien hood and some lime green gloves. This is a unique costume that is sure to make you stand out. You will look out of this world!

Booty Camp Cutie

Here is another sexy take on the soldier costume, this one has a sexy camo and khaki romper with ‘Booty Camp’ on the chest. It also includes a body harness, grommet suspenders, arm band, garter, gloves and hat. These romper style costumes are great for clubbing and parties as you won’t have to worry about short skirts hitching up as you dance!

Sexy Harley Quinn Costume

Harley Quinn is very popular right now, and there have been so many incarnations of the villainous vixen! Not everyone can pull off the super skimpy look that Harley sports in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, but this more traditional and still sexy version is a flattering look for many body types. It features a cute color block mini-dress is teamed with matching gloves and a stunning choker styled on a straight jacket! This look screams cute but crazy!

Fantasy Butterfly Costume

You will be as cute as a bug in this fantasy butterfly costume. The cute corset style dress will hug your curves, and we love the flirty polka dot ruffles on the hem! The included butterfly wings are adorable and the outfits is completed by a cute hair bow. This is a really cute, but sexy choice for any party or fancy dress event!

Vixen Alice Costume

Alice in Wonderland is a popular costume choice around Halloween, and we have seen sexy versions before, but nothing quite like this one! Gone is Alice’s blue dress and white apron, only to be replaced by some sexy high waisted shorts and a white crop top with faux blue satin vest. A cute apron, chiffon arm puffs, bow tie and hair bow complete this sexy look.

Sexy Misdemeanour Costume

This skintight cop uniform is sure to make you feel sexy. The form fitting romper zips up the front giving you the opportunity to control how much cleavage you show off while wearing it. It will hug your curves and is very comfortable to wear. It also includes a belt, police badge and hat.

Tipsy Hatter Costume

You have already seen the Alice version of this costume, so we figured it was only right to include the matching Hatter! This is the Mad Hatter as never seen before! The high waisted shorts are flattering and sexy, teamed with suspenders and a crop top. Accessories include a mini top hat, next tie, wrist cuffs and a faux pocket watch.

Sexy Neytiri Costume

If you want to stand out at the party, then this stunning Neytiri costume from Avatar is ideal. Instead of having to paint your skin with body paints, you can wear this skin tight jumpsuit instead, then you only have to color your hands and face blue! The costume also includes the loin cloth, arm gauntlet and beaded jewelry. This is bound to be a true head turner whatever you are doing for Halloween!

Sexy Native American Girl

Another popular look at Halloween is the Native American Squaw. This particular costume is a particularly sexy take on the popular choice with a super short, fringed dress with a faux corset bodice. It will hug your figure and show of plenty of leg at the same time.

Sexy Cave Girl

Get prehistoric in this sexy cave girl costume. The one shoulder animal print dress is stylish and sexy. The stretch fabric ensures comfort and a perfect fit. This will look great with some bone jewelry which should be easy to pick up online. We would suggest a back combed beehive hairstyle to complete the look.

Bustin’ Out Prisoner Costume

This super sexy jailbird costume certainly takes no prisoners! It takes the classic black and white convict stripes and turns them into a sexy two piece consisting of a mini-skirt and cropped top. It is finished off with orange suspenders and a cute pill box hat. Jail time never looked this good!

Sexy Black Widow Costume

This official Marvel licensed replica of Black Widow’s costume is a great choice if you are looking for a sexy Halloween costume. The jumpsuit has a zipper closure up the front and is form fitting and hugs all of your curves. It is supplied with gauntlets and a belt to complete the look. This is a sultry and sexy look that will attract plenty of attention.

Cardiac Arrest Costume

If your patient didn’t already have heart trouble, they sure would do after seeing you as their nurse in this ensemble. This black nurses uniform has blood red trim and comes with a nurse’s hat and a red belt. It is a bit of a different take on the popular nurse costume choice, and it would be great as a darker take on it – a nightmare nurse, perhaps. With a little blood and a prop weapon you could take this in a scary direction!

Sexy Bo Peep Costume

One of the great things about this Little Bo Peep costume is that it manages to be sexy and the very picture of innocence all at the same time! The cute dress features lots of sweet ruffles, lace and bows to make it super feminine, while the corset bodice and ruffled panties also make it super sexy. You will have admirers lined up to help you find your lost sheep in this ensemble!

Sexy Dorothy Costume

This Dorothy Gale costume is a combination of sweet and sexy. It is a fun twist on the classic character with a short blue and white gingham jumper style dress with a built in lacy top and red accents. Red sequin hair bows are also included, so all you need to add is those red sparkly slippers!

Sexy Star Spangled Banner

If you are feeling patriotic, then you will love this stunning sequinned ‘Star Spangled Banner’ outfit. It is basically a sexy cocktail dress that is covered in sequins depicting the American flag. The great thing is that this costume also works for other holidays throughout the year such as 4th of July or Memorial Day and it could even work as a cute dress for going clubbing. This makes it a great bargain!

Sexy Harley Quinn Costume

This version of Harley Quinn is straight out of Arkham City. It is a little less revealing than some Harley costumes thanks to the long pants, but it is still incredibly sexy. The costume includes the signature black and red pants, a matching crop top, choker and gloves.

Sexy Ring Master

You are sure to steal the show at any Halloween party with this sexy ringmaster costume. It features a beautiful fitted ringmaster’s jacket in red crushed velvet with black and gold accents, teamed with a sassy top hat and golden bow tie! Add some sexy boots, fishnets and a ring master’s cane or whip and you will look fantastic!

Silk Sceptre Costume

One character that is often overlooked is the incredibly sexy Silk Sceptre from Watchmen. The costume contains the signature black and yellow long sleeved romper with built in garters, a silver belt and a set of boot covers. If you want to dress as a comic book character then Silk Sceptre is a great choice. She is not only sexy, but she is less popular, so there is less chance of you having a costume twin at your party.

Crafty Vixen Wirch Costume

One of the staple characters for Halloween is the witch! However, that doesn’t mean that your costume has to be boring, or that you have to wear green paint and warts! This sexy ‘crafty vixen’ style witch costume is cute and sexy. The corseted mini dress is scattered with magical silver stars and so is the matching witches hat! It is a sexy take on a classic!

No Rules Referee Costume

We featured another referee costume earlier in the list, but it may have been a little too risque for some, so we have also added this alternative which is a little more modest, but still super sexy. The romper features black bottoms and the classic black and white referee stripes in the bodice. It comes complete with a white belt and a choker.

Sexy Miss Kruger Costume

Halloween is all about the horror and who says horror better than Freddy Krueger. Of course, sexy is not really a word that most people would use to describe Freddy, so some adjustments have to be made! This Miss Krueger costume has a sexy mini dress in the same stripes as Freddy’s iconic sweater and is perfectly accessorized with his signature hat and glove. Who said scary can’t be sexy?

8 DIY Sexy Halloween Costumes for Women

DIY Candy Crush Costume

Wow! Candy Crush has never looked this sexy before! This DIY costume takes a skin tight catsuit and cover it in fake candies! The effect is awesome and very sexy! If you wanted to be a little more risque you could alternatively cover a bikini with candies?

Sexy Biker Babe Costume

Some people might argue that this biker babe costume is not particularly sexy, but it all comes down to a matter of taste. You could also sex it up a little further by replacing the jeans with some leather shorts and fishnets?

DIY Holly Golightly Costume

Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn with this cute sleepy Holly Golightly costume. All you need is a man’s dress shirt to wear as a nightgown – we recommend some booty shorts under it to save your modesty! A sleeping mask pushed up on your forehead, some ear plugs and a messy ponytail and you will be able to have your very own Breakfast at Tiffany’s moment!

DIY Rosie The Riveter Costume

Rosie the Riveter is an icon and can make an incredibly sexy Halloween costume. Just take a blue button down shirt and tie it under your bust. Leave the buttons loose and were a nice lace bra for a sexier touch! Top it off with a red bandanna in your hair and some short shorts and you are good to go!

Sexy Chiquita Banana Girl

It is really easy to pull off a sexy Chiquita Bananna Girl costume. All you need is a bikini top to attach a bunch of plastic fruit onto and along blue skirt hitched up on one thigh. You can also make a hat or headpiece from fake fruit too in order to complete this sexy look.

DIY Violet Incredibles Costume

It is really easy to create a sexy Violet costume with clothes you probably already own. You will want red tights or leggings, black boots, a red shirt and some black boy shorts. You can then print out an Incredibles logo to pin on your shirt. It is also easy to make an eye mask by cutting holes in an elastic headband!

DIY Sexy Mystique Costume

This is a great version of the Mystique costume because it offers a little bit more coverage! Most DIY costumes we have seen are a leotard or bikini and some blue body paint. However, this one is based on a full body suit painted with Mystique’s scales. Perfect for colder temperatures around Halloween.

Sexy Freudian Slip Costume

This is a smart and sexy costume which is also a clever play on words! This is the sexy Freudian Slip! Simply wear your sexiest slip and write various Freudian phrases on it – preferably the more salacious ones. We recommend things like ‘Fetishes’, ‘Oral Fixations’, ‘Oedipal Complex’ and ‘Autoerotism’to get you started.

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