Save the Ta Tas Costume (A Costume with a Cause)


Why not send a message with your costume this Halloween? This hilarious costume also raises awareness about a very serious topic that can often be overlooked so it hits 2 birds with one stone. Your friends will definitely get a kick out of seeing a pair of boobs but will also be much more informed!

Save the Ta Tas Costume

A message from Kelly, the creator of the ‘Save the Ta Tas’ costume:

I love Halloween!!! I searched for hours looking for an idea and finally came across this idea of two people that come together and it looks like they are a set of boobs with a bra on. So I thought about it for weeks and decided to run with the Breast Cancer awareness since it is October and went to Michaels and bought pink fabric with the ribbons on it and twisted the fabric into a form of a bra.

The boobs are beach balls and the signs were printed up from online. In the photo is me Kelly and my fiancé poor him John. He has never dressed up until he met me.

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