Sally (Inspired by The Night Before Christmas)


This costume is based off of one of the most classic Tim Burton Christmas movies of the 90’s and will surely bring everyone back a few years! It has mismatched clothes that are sewn together just like Sally does in the movie and even she looks a bit sewn up too!

Sally (Inspired by The Night Before Christmas)

A message from Kim, the creator of the ‘Sally’ costume:

My daughter Grace has loved The Nightmare Before Christmas since she was a toddler. Last Halloween, when she was 9, I turned her into Sally for the holiday.

To make her dress, I purchased a cheap sleeveless nightgown, a whole bunch of felt, some aqua colored leggings and shirt and got to work. Hours upon hours were spent staring at pictures of Sally online so I could get the costume as close as possible. Because I didn’t own a sewing machine at the time, the entire costume is handstitched…as was Sally, so it worked out perfectly. Each different section of the dress was cut out of felt and designed using either more felt (handsewn onto another piece of felt) or black Sharpie and then handstitched to the nightgown. Sally’s “body” was created using aqua leggings and shirt and then handstitched with black yarn to resemble stitching.

A red wig, black boots and aqua colored gloves (not pictures) finished off her look. To get the right color of face paint, I mixed a combination of gray, blue, white and army/witch green.

She won first place in our local costume contest!

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