Ridiculously Adorable Cruella Deville Kids Costume


Anita, Darling..Give me ALL the puppies!! We absolutely had so much fun with this costume! I love Halloween and have been preparing this for my daughter for months. Cruella is a DIY with a black and white wig (complete with a cute bow), pearls, a fancy black dress, black and white tights, red glitter shoes, red gloves and a dalmatian fur print shawl with a feather boa and who can forget the famous cigarette holder and purse full of puppies.

Cruella Deville Costume Kids

We watched 101 Dalmatians in preparation of this night. She played the part well, but we had to have a ton of candy to be able to get these adorable photo ops. Its safe to say that she was a hit…watch out for Cruella DeVille!

Cruella Deville Kids

Cruella Deville Kids Costume

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