Remus Lupin Makeup


Harry Potter fans are going to love this costume. Remus Lupin, the werewolf who grew on fans as the series progressed, in costume form! It’s amazing how far some fake scars and the right clothing can go. Gryffindor will gladly accept you into their house!

Remus Lupin Makeup

A message from Amy, the creator of the ‘Remus Lupin’ costume:

I usually do the Marauders version of Remus, although for a party we were told to dress as the opposite gender – so being born female I took it upon myself to learn how to give myself a beard with hair extensions and curled my hair in an attempt to do a casual 1st Wizarding War Remus Lupin.

Unfortunately for my scars all I had was lipsticks and eye-shadows lying around. But for a small party I was happy with the look.

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