DIY Rapunzel from Tangled Costume


If you loved Rapunzel from Tangled then you’re going to love this costume! It looks identical to the dress that she wears in the movie and will make you look and feel like the true long-haired princess who is ready to be freed by her Flynn Rider.

DIY Rapunzel from Tangled Costume

A message from Ciara, the creator of the ‘Rapunzel Tangled’ costume:

This is my diy Rapunzel cosplay made and modelled by me. Tangled is one of my favourite movies. I made everything myself and photographed all the steps, I only wish I could include all the photos.

I used two purple dull satin fabrics to make the corset and the skirt and sewed them with my sewing machine.The corset is made of a back panel, two side panels and a centre panel of fabric all sewn together and laced up the front. The puff sleeves are made from the purple fabric and I sewed on strips of pink ribbon to create the stripes and the long sleeves are made from a pair of sheer pink tights (pantyhose) and I finished them off with a lace trim and some painted details.

I inserted all the eyelets by hand to lace up the corset. The pink piping on the corset and skirt is also handmade. I did this by sewing pink bias tape around cord. The patterns on the corset and skirt took my 2 days to paint by hand without a stencil. The skirt I made by sewing together 5 panels of fabric.


I inserted an invisible zip in the back of the skirt. To finish it all off I added more lace trimming to the neckline, corset waist and skirt hemline. To finish the look a bought a Pascal toy from the disney store and used velcro to secure it to my shoulder and I added a super long blonde wig too. The costume took me 4 weeks to complete. I love wearing this costume because when kids see me in it at conventions and halloween they believe I’m Rapunzel and creating that magic for kids makes all the hard work making it so worth while!

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