Rapunzel Severed


This spin on the classic Rapunzel costume has quite the story to it which makes it very creative and unique! It’s a much more practical approach to the Rapunzel costume because there isn’t nearly as much hair, which explains the scars. She hasn’t found her prince yet, but this costume will surely get her recognized!

Rapunzel Severed

A message from Jessica, the creator of the ‘Rapunzel Severed’ adult costume:

I am wearing the costume. It is a generic store bought witch costume, and long black wig. I braided the hair and drew a dripping blood line across the scalp.

The idea is a flip on the Rapunzel stories.

Rapunzel Smile Pose

She’s got tired of her dark hearted mother using her long beautiful blonde hair as a means to climb and ripped it all out of her head. She now has much more manageable braided black hair, which has turned dark….as her heart and soul has from wandering the forest an outcast – and never found by her beloved prince.

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