Punk Harley Quinn Costume


This costume is especially appropriate with the recent release of the Suicide Squad movie. It’s a punk version of the Harley Quinn that can be made using inexpensive items and basic makeup and face paints. You’ll be ready to play the part of your favorite supervillain when you don this costume!

Punk Harley Quinn Costume

A message from Belinda, the submitter of the ‘Punk Harley Quinn’ costume:

I created and wore this costume for a work Halloween party. I used the top and gloves from a Harley Quinn costume I purchased the year before but bought everything else.

I chose to do a darker version of my favourite character because I fell in love with the bolero that i found online. For my pants (unfortunately I have no pic with them in it), I cut holes up one leg for a more punk effect. Tip: using a serated knife to cut holes in clothing gives the best frayed edges.
For the cuts near my mouth and my eye, used lip liner under the fake blood to give it a deeper effect. The fake bruises were made with purple eye shadow and red lipstick. If you put a small dab of both on the spot you want and use a make up sponge or your finger to blend them it looks wicked.

I hope you like my costume 😀

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