Homemade Princess Jasmine Costume


Aladdin is one of the classic Disney movies that everyone loved back in the 90’s. This costume is a super realistic take on princess Jasmine that was no easy task. Pretty much the whole thing was homemade, and she even has tigers like the movie!

Homemade Princess Jasmine Costume

A message from Desiree, the creator of the ‘Princess Jasmine’ costume:

Princess Jasmine is my 100% favorite Disney princess and I try to dress up as her every year!

The dress is made of a red Peachskin silk fabric with gold satin for the pant accent and hair piece. The pants are a “harem” style but without the drop crotch. The ankles have elastic to keep the billowing look while the pants actually zip up the back. The top is a bandeau style with a gathered middle seam to give it that sweetheart neckline but still have a good amount of support and coverage; there are swim cups inside the top as a built in bra. The top simply slips on so there is no additional zippers are hooks involved.

Jasmin With Tigers

The shoes have a base of simple flats but with a gold satin shoe cover that has a pointed end to mimic her shoes in the movie. They shoe covers are actually sewn on since the shoe fabric was thin enough to put a needle through! The arm band is a cobra design made of Worbla along with the crown and earrings. The necklace was originally a silver necklace I had that I spray painted. The face cover is red chiffon with a small elastic band for ease of removal. The purple sash is simply purple chiffon that I cut into shape and sealed the edges to prevent fraying.

And yes! Those are real baby tigers 🙂

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