Prince (feat. Run DMC)


His music rocked the world and his death shocked it. This Prince costume pays tribute to the late legend and will remind everyone of one of the greatest musicians ever. It features the super distinguishable purple jacket and slight facial hair that made his look so popular. Rock on!

Prince (feat. Run DMC)

A message from Monica, the submitter of the ‘Prince’ costume:

My parents invited me to a friend’s Halloween/ 80’s Birthday party. I could not, for the life of me, figure out what to be, and considering it what later that day, I had to come up with a decision quick!

Should I be an aerobic trainer? Or maybe a Hispanic Madonna? As I panicked through the thrift store, I came upon a snazzy velvet coat and automatically thought ” PRINCE.” Not only is he such a historic icon from the 80’s, but we were also similar in stature.

Prince Pose

So with an house and a half to get ready, I quickly curled my hair, lined up my waterline, and struggled to sketch a convincing and very distinctive stache-goatee combo, as I continued to laugh in disbelief of how it was totally coming together. The last missing piece came from my grandmother, as she provides the dramatic costume cross that totally put the costume together. The costume totally took everyone at the party by surprise!

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