18 Fierce Plus Size Catwoman Costumes


One of the most popular Halloween costumes for women has to be Catwoman! It is easy to see why – Selina Kyle aka Catwoman is a feisty, strong villain with a heart and everyone loves a bad girl! Traditionally, Catwoman has always worn some very skimpy costumes, usually a skin tight cat suit in leather or pvc. This is sexy, but certainly not for those who are not confident about their bodies! However, Catwoman is also a costume that is easily modified to suit your size and shape. That is why we have gathered together our favourite plus size Catwoman costumes. As you can see, just like our bodies, these costumes come in all manner of shapes,, from the traditional catsuit, to something a little bit less figure hugging.

Patent Leather Catwoman Costume

Being a plus size lady certainly does not mean that you have to forgo that sexy catsuit that most people associate with Catwoman! There are plus size catsuits available, like this patent leather jumpsuit which is supplied with a matching cat mask/hood. Just remember that this type of catsuit is very tight and hugs every curve – even the ones you might not want to highlight. It is essential that you carefully check the measurements to ensure a snug but comfortable fit.

Plus Size Purrvocative Cat Costume

Another great plus size catsuit is this sexy number which features an attached tail, cat collar, belt, and headpiece with ears. This is a sleek black catsuit is designed to flatter your fuller figure and will certainly accentuate your killer curves at the same time!

Plus Size Crop Top & Slit Pants Set

We are stepping outside of the box a little bit here, because technically this one is actually street clothing and not a Halloween costume. However, we are including it because it is a great base for a great plus sized Catwoman costume. If you are not feeling up to braving it in a catsuit, then this is a more comfortable option which is still sexy! We love the ripped pants because they look like cat claws have attacked them! The crop top is flattering, but shows a tantalizing flash of midrift now and then. This can very easily be transformed into a Catwoman costume with some ears and a tail!

Plus Size Vinyl Catsuit

Back to the catsuit look again and this time it is a stunning vinyl catsuit. This is a fantastic look for plus size ladies. It has a sleeveless design with a zipper front that runs all the way down the length of the torso. A matching vinyl cat mask is also available separately.

Black Wet Look Metallic Catsuit

Another sexy catsuit to add to the list is this wet look PVC number which has a slightly metallic sheen to it. One of the really great things about this particular costume is that it has long sleeves. This is not only great if you are at all self conscious of your arms, but also for keeping you warm since October can sometimes be a little on the chilly side as Winter threatens to appear!

Custom Luxury Cat Woman Costume

We love this take on an old classic! Instead of the standard catsuit wearing version of Catwoman, instead cast your mind back to the earlier Batman episodes where Catwoman wore purple lycra. This custom costume if a nod to that older style of Catwoman. Gone is the jumpsuit, only to be replaced by a stunning purple gown with attached cape. Simply stunning. Also, since it is hand made it can be altered to fit like a glove.

Plus Size Feisty Cat Costume

This ‘feisty cat’ costumes offers a daring option for those plus size ladies who are comfortable in their bodies. It is based off of an actual cat instead of the super villain, but if you lose the furry paws and arm yourself with a whip you can easily become a super sexy version of Catwoman!

Deluxe Sexy Cat Woman Costume

This deluxe CatWoman costume is handmade and can be produced in sizes up to 5XL making it a really great choice for curvier ladies. It is made to order from eco leather to your exact personal specifications to ensure a perfect hit. The costume includes a custom catsuit, gloves and mask/hood.

Plus Size Black Cat Costume

This is another slightly different take on Catwoman, but it is one that we love. Instead of the traditional skintight catsuit, which can be a little unforgiving to those of us with unsightly lumps and bumps, this costume instead uses a sexy black dress as its base. You will feel much more comfortable dressed in this version which offers a more flattering cut!

Lycra Cat Hoody

This gorgeous lycra cat hoody is the perfect way to create a sexy plus size Catwoman costume. You can wear black clothes that you feel confident in and then slip this over your outfit to transform them completely. The hoody is made to measure for that perfect fit and it is shrug/bolero length, so you do not need to worry about it being too hot. The fabric has a four way stretch for fit and comfort and the hood has built in cat ears.

Plus Size Spandex Wetlook Bodysuit

Back with the traditional catsuit look now and this plus size spandex one is an excellent choice. It is relatively inexpensive and is specifically designed for plus size. It is available up to 3XL which is roughly a US size 24. The wetlook fabric means that it is super shiny and is going to look fantastic with your Catwoman accessories.

Black Catsuit & Mask

For some reason we feel like this Catwoman costume has a bit of a sixties vibe going on! It includes a beautiful full coverage jumpsuit made from faux leather and a fantastic winged eye mask with stud detailing. All that is left to do is add some ears and you are ready to go out as everyone’s favourite feline. It is worth noting that this is not a specifically plus size costume, but it does have XL sizes available which will be large enough for those on the lower end of the plus size scale, so just check the sizing chart.

Sexy Cat Corset Costume

If you are just not feeling the catsuit look, then you could opt instead for a bit of a flirty Catwoman outfit instead. This corset and tutu Catwoman costume is the perfect choice and it is sure to flatter the fuller figure. It is available up to US size 20 and includes a bustier, tutu and cat ears. This one is ideal for clubbing or parties.

PVC Black Plus Size Catsuit

This Catsuit is designed for plus sizes and is available right up to 6XL. It has a slightly looser fit that the usual skin tight catsuits, which makes it more comfortable to wear, and a little more forgiving! It is made from PVC. One feature that we love is the zipper, because the downside to most catsuits is having to pretty much undress to use the bathroom. However, on this one, the two way zipper extends all the way under your crotch allowing you access to use the restroom!

Fleece Cat Onesie

Not all catsuits have to be leather, PVC or vinyl! This cosy catsuit is actually made from fleece instead! This is far more comfortable to wear over long periods of time! The all in one lounge suit has a built in tail and a hood with cat ears! It is available all the way up to 4XL size.

Plus Size Sexy Black Cat Costume

This is another sexy option for a CatWoman costume if you are not confident with the catsuit idea. The costume includes a lace up wet look top with boning to offer shaping and support and a cute faux fur skirt with attached tail! With the addition of some ears and an eye mask you will be a sort of ‘club kid’ style Catwoman which is pretty cool and unique!

Sexy Plus Size Cat Dress Costume

Again, the catsuit look is not something that all plus size women are going to feel comfortable with, so you might want to opt for a dress instead. This beautiful cat dress is supplied with eats, gloves and a choker and has an attached tail. It is much more comfortable to wear than a skin tight catsuit, but still looks incredibly sexy.

5 DIY Plus Size Catwoman Costumes

Creating a Catwoman Costume From Your Closet

One of the great things about DIY costumes is that you can often piece them together from clothing that you already own! This is especially good when you are plus size and struggling to find a well fitting costume. Catwoman is probably one of the easiest to DIY. This guide is not specific to plus size, but it works just the same – most people have black leggings, a black jacket and some kick ass boots, right? If so then you are well on your way to a great DIY Catwoman costume that came right out of your closet!

DIY Catwoman Costume

This is another great DIY Catwoman costume which is right out of your existing closet. You will need black pants, a long sleeve black top, gloves, boots and a belt! There is also a cute tutorial for creating lace cat ears and a lace mask like Anne Hathaway wears as Selina Kyle during her portrayal of Catwoman!

Homemade Catwoman Costume

Fashionistas will love this take on Catwoman. It is all about the accessories. Take your favourite little black dress and transform it with gloves, ears, a tail and an eye mask and you are suddenly a super sexy Gotham City Villain!

DIY Catwoman Accessories

When it comes to a DIY Catwoman costume, it really is all about the accessories. You can pretty much get away with wearing any black clothes, but you are going to need at the very least some ears. This great tutorial for DIY Catwoman accessories includes ears, a tail and a great make-up look to really take your homemade catwoman outfit to the next level.

Easy Catwoman Costumes

Catwoman really is one of the easiest costumes that you can DIY. There are all sorts of styles that you can opt for from the traditional catsuit look to a more elegant style featuring your favourite cocktail dress. One of the easiest and least expensive options here is a classic black jeans and t-shirt with some additional accessories to complete the look! It doesn’t get much easier than that!

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