Perfect DIY Black Widow Costume


For my cosplay I threw together a black catsuit I owned with a pair of leather gauntlets for my arms. And some knee high black boots. My best friend bonnie let me borrow her auburn bob wig since my hair has not fully regrown since my last round of chemotherapy on May 4, 2016.

black widow costume

This was my first ever time going to Pax West in Seattle this year and it was my birthday present from my friends. This cosplay helped my gain a lot of my confidence back about being attractive and beautiful still.

black widow

When you have cancer your view point of your body image alters and you lose a lot of self esteem. So to have random strangers walk up to me and ask to have their pictures taken to be honest made me feel beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. I was flattered and my self confidence increased tremendously. As for the reason why I chose black widow in all honesty I wanted to feel like a badass I mean I just kicked stage 2 cancers butt and portraying such a strong, caring, and just a badass character seemed appropriate to me.

My cosplay was so good that the tank driver of the panzer 3 at the war of tanks event asked to have his picture taken with me. When I met Agassymexican a YouTube, twitch streamer he invited me and my friend to the after party so we all could hang out.

black widow avengers

While in this cosplay I felt empowered,held my head high, and walked with so much confidence, I smiled so much, had fun, acted goofy, and laughed a ton; these are things that I barely did during and after chemotherapy this year. To me this was not just a gaming convention, it was two days of fun, making new friends, and feeling truly beautiful, it helped me to look at myself in a different light and helped me be a happier person.

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