Perfect Addams Family Values Group Costumes


This year we decided since we just had another baby, there’s enough if us to be the Addams family Values. We love that show so this was PERFECT!

Addams Family Values Costume

I was Mortisa, my husband was Gomez, my son was Pugsley, my daugter was Wednesday, my baby boy was Pubert and my Mom was Fester. I guess you would say its a DIY costumes and store bought.

Addams Family Values

For Mortisha I just used a tight velvet black dress I had for years stored in my closet and of course the red lipstick and red nail polish and grey and black and white eye shadow. No wig. I already have long dark hair. For Gomez we used a pinstriped suit and a white shirt and tie. We did shave his thicker mustache to a thinner one.

Addams Family Values Group

Pugsley we got the shirt from old navy in small mens. We used black jean shorts he already had and shaved his head and left bangs and gorilla glued it up. Wednesday , we bought that dress at Hot Topic in xs womens dress. I just braided her natural long hair. I cut 6 inches off prior since it was to long. I added light white powder to her face and light black eyeshadow to her eye lids and below. I also painted her nails red. We used black tights from Target and mary jane strap shoes from Sears.

For uncle Fester my mom bought the bald cap from Halloween Spirit store and the glue and white face powder from Natashas attic costume store. We also added red and black eye shadow around her eyes. The black dress robes is from a thrift store for a few dollars. Boots are troopa by Steve Madden.

My mom made cousin it she saw on Pinterest. You glue a hula skirt to the inside of a hat and make 2 holes to top of hat and use yarn or any string to use as a handle. She glued cheap black sunglasses on for eyes. Pretty simple and cool. For thing we used a plain rubber glove and stuffed it and kept it on Pugsleys shoulder and last but not least for Baby Pubert I bought the jammies from Old Navy in grey. I bought black felt and thick black ribbon from Michael’s craft store and my husband cut out a spider and I hot glued it to the front and hot glued the black ribbon around the collar. I used a black liner to draw on his mustache and a black eye shadow to darken his eye brows and light white poweder for his face. There you have it!

It was very fun being the Addams for the day. We got a lot of attention. I highly recommend families to do theme costumes. Getting the whole family involed makes things that much more exciting. Its so much fun. I love Halloween. To everyone else, I love your costumes! Such creative minds and amazing results. I love it! Thanks for liking us! 🙂 I can’t wait till next Halloween!

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