Open Season Hunter and Deer Kids Costumes


These guys look all set for hunting season with their hunter and deer costumes! The deer is an adorable one piece costume and the hunter is dressed like he’s done this before and is ready for action. They even have a little car to get to the deepest parts of the forest!

Open Season Hunter and Deer Kids Costumes

A message from Ashley, the submitter of the ‘Open Season’ costumes:

My boys Jaxson (hunter, 3) and Gavyn (Gavyn, 1). Jaxson told me he wanted to be a hunter for Halloween so we did just that. We thought it would be a good idea to have Gavyn as a deer. They are both DYI costumes.

Jaxson’s hunter costumes was pretty simple we just put on his camo overalls, and made his face dirty.

For gavyn I bought the two different fleece fabric from walmart and then measured it out compared to his baby hoodie and a pair of his sweat pants and then made some antlers and a tail. Thanks for opportunity!

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