Minecraft Zombie and Creeper Costumes


Hello, I designed both of these costumes for my twin boys this Halloween 2016. My son Aidan is the Minecraft Zombie and my son Logan is the Minecraft Creeper.

minecraft zombie and creeper costumes

I love making costumes for my boys and they wanted to be scary figures out of one of their favorite video games this year. The whole costumes are made of cardboard, hot glue, small piece of fabric to see through and some interior foam so costume fits right and is comfortable to wear. The outside of the creeper was just printed paper glued on and then coated with outer layer of glue.

minecraft zombie and creeper

The zombie was both painted and printed paper coated with outer layer of glue. Took about 12 hours per costume and finished them in about a couple weeks spreading time out making them. Boys were the stars of the neighborhood again this year while trick r treating!

minecraft boys costume

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