Mind-Blowing Tempest Regalia Jaina Costume


This is a DIY costume/cosplay designed after the Tempest Regalia set from Heroes of the Storm (Blizzard Entertainment). In the photos provided, I (Michelle) am wearing the costume.

Jaina Costume

This costume took about 300/350 hours to create. It uses a variety of materials including: foamies, EVA foam, worbla (thermoplastic), transparent worbla, pleather, fishing line, snaps, thread & post, elastic, velcro, pvc pipe (staff), pvc coupling, parachute buckles, string, plastic hair clips, 4 different fabrics, spray paint, Gesso, fabric paint, oil paint, acrylic paint, LED lights, and batteries.


These materials were used to create: a head dress, a tiara, two shoulder pieces, breastplate, belt, bracers, gloves, a skirt, pants, a shirt, knee pads, shoe armor, and a staff. The shoes and poi ball were purchased as additional accessories. All of the other pieces (17) were made using personally designed patterns.

Jaina Costume Blizzard

All of the armor pieces were made by using a heat gun on patterns made from puzzle floor mats or foamies (thin foam). Once the pieces were shaped, thermoplastic was applied using a sandwich method. The layers on the armor were created by using designs cut out of worbla. All of the armor pieces were painted then shaded and highlighted using different paint combinations.

The shoulders and head float in the game. To give the costume the illusion of floating, I used fishing line to hoist them into the correct position. I made the crystals, gems, and breast plate by laying thermoplastic on 3D foam pieces. The staff wood appearance was created by sanding and filing down pvc pipe. The pvc pipe was then dabbed with oil paint in order to fill in the crevices.

The inside of the staff also has battery powered LED lighting. The designs on the skirt was made by using fabric paint on a maze stencil.

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