Lulu Yurigasaki


Infiltrate human civilization this Halloween as your favorite bear from Yuri Kuma Arashi. Anyone who loves the series knows that Lulu Yurigasaki is helping Ginko fulfill her quest just like you’ll be fulfilling yours with this costume. Below are the details to creating the perfect costume!

Lulu Yurigasaki

A message from Amber, the creator of the ‘Lulu Yurigasaki’ costume:

This is a costume from an anime called Yuri Kuma Arashi worn by myself. I love the character and her design and immediately knew I wanted to cosplay her. Everything except the petticoat and socks is hand made. I also bought the wig, but had to curl it myself.

To curl the wig pigtails, and had to take different sections and roll them up over cardboard tubes covered in aluminium foil. I then used a hair dryer to heat them up and left them to cool before taking the tubes out and covering the pigtails in lots of hairspray.

Lulu Front Pose

I created my own pattern for the top by sticking newspaper to myself and sketching out the shape of it. I also had to create my own pattern for the waistband of the skirt as I needed it to fit my curves. I ended up travelling an hour away from where I live to get the right shade of green for the majority of the costume. As I did not need much black material, I ended up using an old pillow case! The hardest part of the costume was making the paws. The hand paws are like pillows with a hole in them for my hand to go in. They are stuffed with toy stuffing to give them a nice round shape. The feet paws were incredibly difficult for me to create.

Lulu Close Up

I got some upholstery foam and cut out 4 round shapes, two of which had foot sized holes which I glued an old pair of shoes into. I then stacked the other round pieces on top and started to long process of shaving the foam down with scissors to get a round paw shape. This took a couple of days and I ended up with many blisters. I then laid the fur over it and hot glued it into place, leaving a hole for my foot to go through which I then added a cuff to. I attached fake leather onto the bottom of the feet so that I can wear them around events without damaging the foam. The claws are also made out of the fake leather.

Lulu Hair Pose

It is actually relatively easy to walk around in the paws but sitting down is a bit more of a challenge!

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