Genius Lufa Dog and Owner Costume


These 2 are really going to keep it clean this Halloween with their brilliant bathroom themed costumes! The pooch looks ready to clean the neighborhood and the owner looks ready for her morning routine. Nothing dirty this Halloween!

Loofa Dog and Owner Costume

A message from Rebecca, the creator of the ‘Lufa Dog and Owner’ costume:

This is myself and my service dog Daisy-Mae. My costume is pjs slippers curlers showercap and robe. Hers is a 2t child tanktop stiched to fit close. I took about 10 yards of red tulle and cut into small squares i bunched it and secured with rubberbands then stiched it to to costume. To make the bubbles i took ping pong balls and painted them with glitter glue. Poked holes in them with a knife and ran florist wire through the balls. Then secured them to to costume.

I also painted a rubber duck and wrapped it in florist wire. To make the rope hanger i used an old curtin tie back and painted it in glitter glue. I sewed it to the costume.

The head piece was made by sewing some tule to ribbon and tyeing it around her head.

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