My Little Minions DIY Kids Costumes


My daughter really wanted to be a Minion for Halloween. We weren’t really big fans of any of the store-bought Minion costumes, so I decided to give making one a try. The entire costume is made from a foam mattress topper, which was shaped into a Minion and measured for the face and arms to go through. It was then covered in yellow felt, and since my daughter wanted to be a Hula Minion, I used green felt to make her a skirt. The coconut bra was a simple touch! The hair is made from black pipe cleaners.

diy minions kids costume

My son saw my daughter’s costume and decided he would like to be a Minion, too. So I repeated the steps, only he wanted his face to be hidden. So he actually looks through the Minion’s eye. It is covered in a screen that he could see out of, but people couldn’t really see him inside. Again, the costume was covered in yellow felt, and then I used blue cotton fabric to make his overalls.

I was so happy with how their costumes turned out, and my little Minions were a hit everywhere we went!

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