Magical Little Mermaid Family Halloween Costume


This year our family went as Little Mermaid characters foe Halloween. I love recycling pre-love clothes and items into new, exciting things. Daddy dressed as King Triton. His merman tail is a pair is pre-loved scrubs with tulle “fins” at the ankles. His trident is made of pvc and foam-core board spray painted gold. Our daughter was Ariel the Little Mermaid. I used real seashells painted and glued onto a pre loved shirt.

Little Mermaid Family Halloween Costume

Her mermaid tail is made from a sequin shirt. For mermaid shoes I painted a pair of canvas shoes silver. Then stretching fishnet stockings over the shoes I spray painted them to create “scales.” I dressed up as Ursula the Sea Witch. My dress was one of my old prom dresses.

little mermaid and dad

4 of my tentacles were my arms and legs. I found a purple shirt at a thrift store and dyed a pair of my leggings purple. For the remaining 4 tentacles I used old pool noodles cut in half. Using a purple sheet found at a thrift store ($1 instead of about $10 for enough fabric from a craft store!) I sewed sleeves to cover the noodles. I cut out about 150 felt circles and glued them to the shirt sleeves, leggings, and pool noodles. The pool noodles were then secured to a belt under my skirt.

easy toddler little mermaid costume

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