Little Danish Doll


Every little girl loved those Danish Dolls growing up, with their realistic looks, makeup, and poofy hair they were hard to ignore. This little girl is dressed up as her favorite childhood doll and has all of the cute features, including the Danish-style dress, that make her so popular!

Little Danish Doll

A message from Kimberly, the creator of the ‘Little Danish Doll’ costume:

I stumbled upon this little Danish costume at our local Vintage shoppe last year and knew it was going to be adorable!! I added a little bit of trim to it that I had bought at the craft store. My daughter had no hair at the age of 2 (just like her mama) so I made her a braided yarn wig that totally completed the look!

I took a stocking cap and sewed the yarn onto it. I cut some bangs in the front and braided to pig tails and tied them off with some matching ribbon. People couldn’t get over how cute she looked, and it was so funny to see her with hair!

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