Laundry Man Optical Illusion Costume


My son Jadon is wearing this costume. Jadon loves to make people laugh and he surely got lots of attention from this costume. First, I used an old book bag and taped two PVC pipes to the book bag, then wrapped the PVC pipes with blankets to give it bulk.

laundry man kids optical illusion costume

Next I sewed the mask onto the collar of the coat, i also stuffed gloves with fiberfill and sewed them to the sleeve of the coat. I used a cardboard box and cut two circular holes in the front of the box. Also stuffed jeans and socks with fiberfill. sewed the socks to the jeans, then placed the legs of the jeans through the holes in the front of the box. I placed old clothes in the box since it was labeled laundry.

This costume drew a lot of attention and he was asked by many if he would let them take a picture.

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