Lady Frankenstein Costume and Makeup


This Frankenstein costume is very appropriate for keeping the theme in the Halloween spirit. The makeup is very well done and makes this costume look super realistic, the stitches look very real and will fool anyone. It’s also quite impressive that the entire thing was homemade and nothing was store-bought!

Lady Frankenstein Costume

A message from Maria, the creator of the ‘Lady Frankenstein’ costume:

This costume was completely created by myself, there were zero store-bought elements involved. The patchwork vest was hand-stiched and every patch was placed and sewn by myself. The shoulder spikes were installed by myself as well. The makeup (the obvious centerpiece) was also completely my own work and design.

The makeup used was by in large cheap Halloween store makeup, with some detail work supplemented by higher end makeup. The head bolt was just a small piece of cardboard that was painted silver and affixed with liquid latex, and the white in my hair was some costume temporary hair-color in white. There are two cosmetic contact lenses being worn in this photo, the pretty apparent white one, and one that is just a black ring around the iris to enhance the appearance of my natural eye.

I was inspired from 2 things mainly.

1. I had seen about a million “bride of frankensteins” but very few female versions of the monster man himself

2. I think it would be incredibly cool to do a series of punk-rock classic monsters. In fact this year the tradition will be continued via punk-rock-wolfman

I found that in the end, this look cost virtually nothing to create, and it landed me the winner of our office costume contest! Definitely a great option for the beginner in the costume world!

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