Killed at a Masquerade Party


For my costume, I was killed at a masquerade party. The provided photos are of myself in costume. The outift is quite simple. I seamripped the waistline of a basic black dress and wore it with a crooked hat, a masquerade mask and a pair of heels. For the makeup, I mixed black, white and blue the tint my skin a somewhat deathly colour.

killed at a masquerade party

I then did a black smokey eye along with a red and black lip for my ‘party look’. The scars are tattoos and my nails are painted black. The story behind the costume is that I was at masquerade party and there was an explosion.

full costume

The blast sent everything flying (hence the scars) and killed everybody. There was no real inspiration for this costume, it was just an idea that I came up with.

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