The Iron Spider Costume


My son, Zach, is wearing the Iron Spider costume I made for him. He was inspired while watching the Ultimate Spiderman on Netflix. That is where he saw the Iron Spider for the first time and thought that he wanted to go as the Iron Spider for Halloween. Once he told me and I saw the store bought costumes of the Iron Spider, I was totally not impressed as they did not have the three spider arms, so I knew there was only one thing to do- make my own.

iron spider costume

I started with a red morph suit ($15) purchased off ebay. Then I purchased a set of 5 yellow pool noodles off of Amazon ($15). They came with a free sample of a pool noodle connector that can be used to connect pool noodles and make different things with them. This connector became the centerpiece for the three spider arms. I used a rectangular piece of insulation foam board then attached two large elastic bundle straps that have a wooden bead on the ends. I put them through the top corners, one on each side, so the bead acted as a stopper. These were to be used as straps to put my arms through like a backpack. I then took the pool noodle connector and put one of the 4 barbs into the foam board and then duct taped it and the foam board with red duct tape to ensure the connector would stay in the foam board. The three remaining barbs were used to connect the pool noodles/spider arms so they would appear to be attached to my back. I then used a print out of the Iron Spider design I found on the internet to draw the design for my chest onto cardboard, which was then traced onto yellow fabric ($3). They design was then cut out and fabric glue ($4) was used to secure the fabric design to red felt ($6). The red felt was then sewn onto a red t-shirt, which would then be put on over the morph suit while I had the backpack like foam board on.

The pool noodles were then cut in two and connected together to form arm joints then wrapped with yellow duct tape. Small pieces of Styrofoam were also wrapped with yellow duct tape ($7) and they were inserted into the end of the pool noodle to make them appear more spider like. Two holes were cut into the t-shirt so two of the pool noodles could be connected to the barbs on foam board. The third pool noodle was inserted through the neck opening and connected to the remaining barb on the foam board. Yellow felt ($2) was cut and secured with Velcro ($7) around the arms and the legs to complete the look.

An Iron Spider mask was purchased at Toys r Us ($10) as I couldn’t figure out how to make the eyes of the morph suit yellow and still be able to see.

homemade spider-man costume

Most people were impressed with the costume and complimented it. The only draw back was the spider arms tended to get caught on other trick or treaters when they were passing each other going up and leaving from the doors and entry ways.

I think that my costume is creative and it is unique. although it is based on a cartoon character/superhero- it is not an exact replica of the outfit he wears and everything was home made except for the mask.

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