Incredible DIY Dog School Bus Costume


My St. Bernard, AJ, is a therapy dog that does regular visits to a elementary schools and nursing homes. Every year he leads the Halloween parade at the local elementary school. I usually have to make his costume since he’s so big we can never find costumes to fit. My son suggested a school bus since he is leading the school children in the parade.

Dog School Bus

It was a very easy costume to make and did not take too much time at all. Items needed were: 2 foam poster boards (I was able to find them in yellow), black electrical tape, yellow fabric, glue and velcro. I looked at pictures of school buses to get an idea of where the black lines go. I decided to make the passengers all dogs so my children looked online for pictures, then printed and enlarged them. I cut around the bottom of the poster boards to make the wheels, then colored them in. I measured enough fabric to lay over his back and attached the poster boards with hot glue. I made two strips of the fabric and velcroed one under his stomach and one around the front of his neck to hold the costume on him. I printed out a stop sign picture and glued that, along with the dog passenger pictures. That was about it, costume complete. It was a big hit. The students, parents, and staff all loved it. AJ had no problem walking with the costume on. The kids were all taking pictures with him after the parade. Overall this was an easy, inexpensive and very cute costume for a big dog.

Dog School Bus

Dog School Bus costume submitted by Paula B.

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