Hunger Games Catching Fire: Katniss Chariot Dress


The Hunger Games series has been a hit over the years and all 3 books were bestsellers. Anyone who’s a big fan or saw the movie will recognize this Katniss Chariot dress that is pretty much a replica of the one in the movie!

Hunger Games Catching Fire: Katniss Chariot dress

A message from Amy, the creator of the ‘Katniss Hunger Games’ costume:

I made this costume last year when i decided i wanted to be Katniss from the second Hunger Games for Halloween. It consists of 3 layers (a lining, a metallic fabric, and a lace overlay).

This costume was done in a way that allows it to be used, not only as a costume, but as a formal gown as well. The neck band can be removed by opening a small snap and tucking down the small straps. The gown is complete with a full zipper down the back. I was surprised at how comfortable this dress ended up being when i wore it to several costume oriented events.

The metallic fabric shown through in very specific way when i turned that it looked like flames were coming off it.

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