Homemade Stitch Costume for Women


My inspiration for my Stitch costume is based on my deep love and large obsession for anything that has to do with Stitch from Disney’s LILO and Stitch. I decided that why not embody your favorite character but add a little femininity to it?

Homemade Stitch Costume for Women

I made the dress from a poly-cotton blend material, basing it off a Lolita dress DIY that I had watched on YouTube. The dress itself took me an entire day to make as it was my very first time going solo on the sewing machine. A few needle pricks later and I had the finished product. The dress closes using 4 clasps on the back of it which are hidden nicely by a bow that I also handmade.

I handsewed 4 buttons onto the front of the skirt to add a little bling to it but still keeping it simple. The black shirt that I am wearing was also handsewed which took me about an hour and a half to make. The leggings were a find from the thrift store. My wig and my hat and my stitch plushy were all purchased items. The wig from Amazon and the plushy and hat were bought at Disney World. I did my own makeup which took a few tries to get almost exactly correct. I am very new to the who costume/cosplay scene and this is only the second cosplay I have ever done that was made by my hands. All in all I am very happy with how this came out.

Homemade Stitch Costume for Women

Like I said, I love anything that has to do with the amazing 626 so maybe in the future I will attempt this costume again but from a different perspective. That way people can see that Stitch really is my favorite even though I already rock him on my neck 24/7. #626islife!

Homemade Stitch Costume for Women submitted by Daunna S.

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