Homemade Samurai Full Armor


My son wanted to be a Samauri, so we got to work with the costume, I measured rectangles front closed cell foam, cut the pieces for the chest , back, shoulder guards and waist guards, marked them for holes to be drilled. Bought black yarn and black ponytail holders from the Dollar store, me and my son took turns drilling all the holes that were marked. All the foam was cut in half for flexibility.

samurai costume

I sewed all the pieces together for the chest, back and shoulders. For the helmet, I cut 4 measured triangles to fit his head and cut half moon shapes layered and glued the dome and half moon shapes together. I drew and cut Dragons out of paper and traced them onto the foam and cut them out, also piece, faith ,love chinese writing was drew on paper and traced on the foam.

samurai helmet

The hand guards were cut out of foam using the hands for a template. On the helmet, the studs are actually googly eyes.

chest plate

detail costume work

samurai design

The whole costume was painted with black and rust color for the look of metal and sealed so no moisture can penetrate.

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