Homemade Rainbow Connection Couples Costume


I am wearing The Rainbow Connection costume based on the opening scene and song from the 1979 Muppet Movie. My inspiration for the design was a Ziegfeld Follies white peacock costume.

Rainbow Connection Costume

I sewed together white muslin for the fan background and rainbow pieces of felt for the rainbow. I attached long muslin straps to pop up the skirt to a backdrop. The stage lights are mini led light strands sewed on.

Rainbow Connection Woman

I sewed a log neck pillow, Kermit the frog plush doll and artificial swamp grass and cat tails to a tank top and added a few strands of grass and a couple cat tails to my hair. I painted a cookie tin and a 1″x2″ piece of wood to look like the banjo. I added yarn straps for the strings attached to eyelet screws I painted black to look like the tuners.

Rainbow Connection Couples

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