Homemade DIY Acoustic Guitar Costume


My daughter wanted to be an acoustic guitar for Halloween because that is her passion. She is mighty good at playing her own. So I headed to the nearest Pat Catans with a vision and a picture of her guitar.

Homemade DIY Acoustic Guitar Costume

This had to be my most challenging homemade halloween costume ever. I started with the body . Drawing it and cutting it out of poster board and building it piece by piece. A little wood grain contact paper goes along way along with balsa wood and cork for the tabs and frets.

Finding just the right string for the cords it turned out amazing but the most difficult part was making the tuners out of bolts and wing nuts .

All in all she was a fabulous guitar but what is a guitar with out music? So that’s when I made her a music note head band from pipe cleaners ribbon and balsa wood music notes! And bam there she was a Rock n Roller!

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Homemade DIY Acoustic Guitar Costume Submission by Greta G.

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