Homemade Despicable Me Family Costume


As a family of six, we like to figure out a theme and dress accordingly. When one of the kids came up with the Despicable Me theme, we obviously had to run with it. The characters in that movie are so similar to our own personalities, there really wasn’t a better choice.

Despicable Me

I am Lucy and I made my wig by using panty hose and orange yarn. I purchased a blue dress, jacket and purse online and had my costume!

My husband, Chris, is Gru. We purchased his mask and pieced together the rest of the items from our closets.

Our daughter, Katie is dressed as Margo. I used puffy paint to make her shirt and purchased the rest of the items.

Our son, Josh is dressed as a minion! I purchased his costume online.

Our daughter, Hannah is dressed as Edith. I purchased individual pieces of her outfit online and put it together.

Our daughter, Ellie is dressed as Agnes. I purchased a black wig and put a cup and stick under it to make the high ponytail. The costume was purchased and she used her stuffed pillow pet for the unicorn!

We had SUCH a blast with this. It was absolutely perfect and the kids loved the attention from strangers, taking our pictures. Hope you enjoy the picture as much as we enjoy it, still! 😀

Despicable Me family costume submitted by Kristi C.

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