Homemade Crocheted Pokemon Family Costume


I crocheted all items with no pattern. The Squirtle costume is worn by my oldest Briana. I made the shell first and added cardboard and batting to add shape to it. I just sewed the black lines on the front of the shell. The hat was a simple double crochet beanie with needle felting for the eyes. My husband Derrick is Bulbasaur. His hat is also a double crochet beanie with ears and needle felted eyes as well. His back piece is a simple cinch sack with a round pillow inside and a green scarf tied around it. My youngest Emily is Fennekin. I crocheted the bodice and added her fox tail. I used fun fur and a super soft furry yarn to get the texture of the tail tip and fiery ears. Also fun fur on the white part to give the furry look. Needle felted eyes in her costume as well. My costume is just a double crochet hat with various body parts attached. Not seen is Charmander’s fiery tail on the back. Needle felted eyes again. The Pokeball sandwich board is actually cake support boards glued together and attached by ribbon. I used craft paint and a sharpie :) Hope you enjoyed :)

Crocheted Pokemon Family

Crocheted Pokemon Family costume submitted by Diana B.

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